We are Hampton Roads’ Premier On-Water Boating Instruction.


We provide hands on training to gain basic skills, advanced skills, and confidence to safely operate your boat. We have over 20 years of professional boat operation experience.

Safe Boating Solutions, LLC is committed to make your learning experience fun and informative. Our mission is to educate boaters with the necessary skills to make boating fun, stress free and SAFE.

Meet The Captains

Capt. Markus Johnson

With over 20 Years of professional boat operational experience, Captain Markus is very knowledgeable in boat training. He served in the U.S. Coast Guard where is developed his passion to teach boating. During his time in the U.S Coast Guard, Captain Markus was a certified Coxswain on various types and sized vessels. After serving in the U.S Coast Guard, Captain Markus entered Public Safety for the City of Virginia Beach.  He has lived in Virginia Beach since 2001. Current license and certifications include;


  • 100 Ton Master Captain’s License
  • Assistance Towing Endorsement
  • US Powerboat Handling Instructor
  • National Safe Boating Council Close Quarters & Open Water Instructor
  • DGIF Virginia Boater Safety Education Instructor
  • NASBLA Boating Accident Investigation
  • SDI Dive Master

Capt. Ryan Storino

Captain Ryan Storino has over 20 years of professional maritime experience. As a Chief Boatswain’s Mate in the U.S. Coast Guard, he has a diverse background of small boat handling as well as ship handling. He has attended several advanced boat training schools administered by the USCG along with being a qualified Coast Guard instructor, currently teaching electronic navigation systems for the USCG. Captain Ryan grew up in nearby Richmond, VA, however has spent most of his adult life in the Hampton Roads area. He has extensive knowledge of the local waters around the Tidewater region. Current license and certifications include;

  • 100 Ton Masters Captain’s License
  • Assistance Towing Endorsement
  • U.S. Coast Guard Instructor

    Capt. Addison Butcher

    Captain Butcher has over 20 years of maritime service. The past 16 of those years have been spent in Hampton Roads conducting tactical boat operations and maritime law enforcement while serving in the U.S. Coast Guard. Captain Butcher earned his USCG instructor certification with an instructor tour at training center Yorktown. During his tour in Yorktown he has taught boat handling and navigation to more than 1500 Coasties and Public Safety boat operators. Captain Butcher has volunteered the past 3 years at the Stephen Todd Dooley SAR Forum. He Instructed over 30 Public Safety agencies. Current license and certifications include;


    • 50 TON Master Captain’s license
    • Assistance Towing Endorsement
    • U.S Coast Guard Instructor